Shaq's Joke and Djokovic

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Shaq graced the headlines for hitting Kobe's recent failure to win a championship in his freestyling rap performance. The incident prompted the stripping of Shaq's ceremonial sheriff badge. While it may seemed a joke to him, his past feuds with Kobe, puts the act in a bad light.

I like him better than Kobe, but it seems even off the court, he is on a downhill.

Djokovic meanwhile lost to Marat Safin in the ongoing Wimbledon Grandslam Tennis Championships. Considering he is seeded third, just won his first grandslam in January, and in great form, nobody gave much of a thought to Safin.

This is the same Djokovic, who most pundits picked ahead of Federer to win the third grandslam of the year.

Obviously, both guys took things ever so lightly.


Sports Results: 2008 Wimbledon

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Wimbledon, the 2nd grand slam event of Tennis is underway.

Five-team defending champion Roger Federer is through to the second round. The favorite to win the event, Rafael Nadal also won his opening game. Djokovic, seeded third also won but conceding a set.

A Federer-Nadal III finals would be blast. It would be interesting if Roger can return the favor to Rafael who demolished him in the French finals.

In the women's side, Sharapova's outfit has been the leading subplot. I can't wait to see that one too.

I do hope there is a local channel that would cover the event even if its just the finals.


Farewell to 2008 Nba Season

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Some things that has yet to change...

My beloved Phoenix Suns' season ended in the hands of the Spurs. Shaq coming to the desert failed to push them into the next level. So for the time -being, Mr. Steve Kerr's blockbuster trade for the big fellah makes him more of moron than a genious.

Tracy McGrady's playoff legend or curse of the first round continues and again from the Jazz. I wish he get traded to the Pistons. Maybe he could have a better chance reaching the second round if he is in the eastern conference. But he was previously there as a Magic...

Speaking of Orlando, the Magic fell short again versus the Pistons. They should pray that roster changes for the Pistons as promised by Joe Dumars, will give them a better match up if they again meet in the play-offs.

Some surprises..

The Atlanta Hawks giving the newly-crowned champs Boston Celtics a good and competitive series than say, LA Lakers.

That a 50 win team failed to make it to the play-offs because of the fierce competition in the western conference.

Kobe Bryant failing to register a Jordan-like performance when he is the mvp and considered the most talented player in the league today.

Thank you '08 Season. Goodbye for now. Wake me up when October ends....


sportsviewing online

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Two major sporting events are ongoing. Unfortunately, I could not able to watch because of work. Fortunately, I have internet connection in my line of work.

These two sporting events were the NBA 2008 Finals and the 2008 US Open Golf Championship. 

From time to time, when my boss is not looking, I browse pages that covers both of them. 

Game 5 of the NBA finals is a bit less exciting. Considering that no team has yet to comeback from a 3-1 deficit, I suspected that the Celtics would just offer token resistance and take the crown right in their homecourt in game 6. But to my surprise, the Celtics almost won again coming from behind. 

The golf major championship, the US Open, is another story. I was hooked on the compelling live blog. I forgot the blog writer's name at the moment. But I really liked the idea of covering sports via blog real time. And since the championship was down to the last putt, I was itching to know the outcome. I am glad Tiger Woods made a clutch birdie. When I watch its replay, I can still feel excitement and awe at the greatest player in golf.

Hopefully, I can also do live blogs.


With the NCAA and UAAP basketball wars looming, most teams are hard-preparation mode via preseason tourneys.

Just this weekend, I was able to saw two of the preseason finals. 

The first one was the Fil-Oil Flying V Invitational championship game between the UE Red Warriors and the San Beda Red Lions. In a battle of reds, the Warriors proved to be redder. Marcy Arellano's steady quarterbacking, Paul Lee's hot hands and warriors defense overcame the Lions' Ekwe and Gamalinda to notch the championship and boost their preparation for the upcoming college hoops season. 

Next was the 2008 Nike Air Summer League. Again, it featured the Red hot Warriors against the Ateneo Blue Eagles. For the most part of the game, the Warriors led and appears ready to add the NSL crown to their collection. But Chris Tiu and the other Eagles, has others things in mind. Tiu nailed the winning shot while the Eagle's defense held on in stopping the warriors. This enabled the Ateneo to win its first preseason title.

By the looks of things, the college hoops season will be a blast.


College Hoops is in the Air

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I saw on TV, Dela Salle beating Ateneo in the elimination round of a Basketball Tourney. Pre-tournament to UAAP Basketball Wars. Perhaps its a sign of a repeat championship for the Archers.

I also heard news about Ateneo beating La Salle in another tournament sponsored by Nike. With Chris Tiu, playing his role as La Salle slayer once again.

I look forward to the coming college hoops season. Hopefully, I can watch a live one for the first time.


Federer Surrender

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I thought I was lucky to catch Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal championship match at this year's French Open. But I was wrong.

I am a fan of Federer. And I hate to see the way he lost to Rafa. When I switched on the channel, the score was 6-0, 3-3. With Roger, having a chance to break Rafa's serve. But Rafa found away to hold serve. And thereafter, I think, Roger lost heart.

I do not want to take anything from Rafa, but I felt that after that sequence, Roger simply felt that he can't beat Rafa at that moment.

It's up to him to return the favor on wimbledon.