Phoenix Suns 2011 Season Ends with a Win

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Phoenix Suns 2011 Season Ends

One of the reasons I lost my zeal to blog about the NBA season like before was the sad state of my favorite team - the Phoenix Suns.

Today my beloved Suns ended their 2011 season with a win over bitter rivals San Antonio Spurs. Granted that Manu Ginobili suffered an injury, I do not consider this as a gimmie.

The Spurs started their three main guys - Duncan, Ginobili & Parker. A sign that the Spurs wanted to win the game and have a chance of securing through out the playoffs until the championship round. But since they lost, the Chicago Bulls holds that advantage.

I wonder what will happen to my Phoenix. But just like what they are named after, I hope that they do rise from the ashes of losing 2011 NBA Season and be the Phoenix Suns that will contend in the playoffs next year.


Charl Schwartzel emerged from highly contested final round in recent memory in Augusta to don the symbolic Green Jacket as the 2011 Masters Champion.

Charl Schwartzel wears the Green Jacket, helped by 2010 champ Phil Mickelson
Image from ESPN/Golf Video

Casual golf fans like me never heard of him, but it sure is a great way to introduce one's self via The Masters at the famed Augusta National Golf course.

Charl Scwartzel speaking at the Green Jacket Ceremony
Image from ESPN/Golf Video

Wikipedia says that Schwartzel hails from South Africa who is actively touring the European Tour and Sunshine Tour professional golfing circuits. This is only his 2nd appearance in the Masters and he is another first time Masters and grand slam winner.

What many predicted to be a win, and perhaps a coronation stroll, for Rory McIlroy who had a four stroke lead after the third round turned out to be entirely different. 8 players had at least a share of the lead. This included, Tiger Woods who made a charged fell short in the back nine to finish his best final round in Augusta 67 but only tied for fourth just like last year.

McIlroy carded an 80 in a final round stunning collapse. I remember last year's British Open where he also carded an 80 after a great score the previous round. But at least then, the wind was mad. I think this time, he really felt the pressure of Augusta.

In the end, Charl Schwartel closed out with four straight birdies, two shots clear over Adam Scott and Jason Day to be the 2011 Masters champion.

2009 Masters Champion - Angel CabreraI'm curious how the Green Jacket is prepared.

Does Augusta measures all contestants and then orders for those who makes it through weekend? Or is it free-sized? :D

Masters Tournament logo taken from Wikipedia


Super Novak Djokovic

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Last time I blogged about tennis, I wrote Novak Djokovic is on fire. After his magnificent 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (4) comeback win against world no.1 Rafael Nadal, I'd say he is more like a super nova.

Running out of description of Novak Djokovic's winning the 2011 Sony Ericsson Men's Tennis title versus Rafael Nadal in Key Biscayne, Miami is understandable.

Novak Djokovic's latest win meant he remained undefeated for the year; his fourth straight tournament title; his 26th consecutive match win; his second straight comeback finals win vs. Nadal; he's 8 - 0 against top-10-ranked opponents and that he is in serious contention for the number one ranking in men's tennis this year.

Wow and all of those isn't hyperbole! That, incidentally rhymes with Djokovic's nickname - Nole. :D

On a sad note, Djokovic win is an affirmation that my favorite Roger Federer is indeed, only just the third best tennis player in the world today.

The way Djokovic came back and won a tie break for the Sony Ericson title says a lot. Had Rafael Nadal won, I can think that the gap between world no. 2 Djokovic and Federer is not that wide. And that Federer's loss to Djokovic could be attributed to an out-of-this world streak. Federer did not even won a set or forced a set tiebreak against Nadal in their semis encounter.

Still I'm a Federer fan. It would be gargantuan task to climb back to the top of the tennis world for him given his age. But that would be the stuff to add to his legend. I just want him to disrupt this budding tennis rivalry, Rafa-Nole, every now and then especially in the grand slam events.

The current development in men's tennis isn't good for Federer's fans like me but it's good for tennis in general.

I wouldn't mind blogging about Novak Djokovic if he continues with this kind of tennis excellence. Or for that matter, any other tennis players who can treat fans to a thrilling tennis match.


How Authentic is Your Autographed Sports Memorabilia?

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One of the greatest gifts a a sports fan can have is an autographed sports memorabilia from his or her favorite sporting idol.

I would love to have any signed items from Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Steve Nash or from our Filipino sport heroes like Manny Pacquiao, Efren "Bata" Reyes, Paeng Nepumuceno, Robert Jaworski, Allan Caidic, Vergel Meneses and other PBA stars.

Not every fan are lucky enough to get their basketball cap, ball, shoes or jersey get signed on personally by their sports idol. So, the last recourse of die-hard fans would be to buy one autographed sports memorabilia from the internet.

But how authentic is the autograph on that sporting memorabilia you want to buy?

How authentic is your autographed sports memorabilia?

And we all know that buying online isn't all that good all the time. When a fan buys a signed item, it is all about the "signature" or "autograph" because it would be the connection he or she will have with his/her idol. And with that comes a company that deals with Autograph Authentication.

Autograph Certification Experts LLC (ACE) is one of the leading companies. ACE ensures that fans like me are not duped by forgers. They have an extensive library of signature samples of famous athletes. The ACE experts, headed by Justin Priddy, meticulously studies and analyzes every signature in every way and compares them to genuine signatures of athletes. And lastly, the security labels they will put protect any fan's prized signed memorabilia will almost impossible to remove without damaging the item.

Companies like ACE, will help ensure that what we worked hard to possess is the real thing, an authentic connection with our sports heroes - through their autographed sports memorabilia.