2008-2009 NBA Results: Phoenix Suns start

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My favorite team, Phoenix Suns, opened up their 2008-2009 NBA campaign with a win over arch-nemesis and playoff-tormentor, San Antonio Spurs.

The win gave the post-D' Antoni era of the Suns to a good start and debut win for new coach Terry Porter.

Although the Spurs, played without Manu Ginobili, I still think the Suns' win is a step in the direction for the team and hopefully will translate to a better playoff performance especially against the spurs.

Some light moment happened at the start of the game as Shaq was immediately grabbed by Michael Finley and Coach Popovich giving the two thumbs up sign to O'neal.

Still, the Spurs employed the hack-a-shaq at the end of the first half. Amare Stoudemire lead the team with 22 points.

Unforunately, the Suns fell to the New Orleans Hornets on their second game. Their turnovers really hurt them as they continue to struggle against the team that dominated them last season.


Greg Oden injured again

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The Portland Trailblazers opened up their 2008 - 2009 campaign on the Greg Oden's wrong foot. It seemed that Oden's NBA career is cursed as he logged in 13 scoreless minutes before hurting his foot. I hope that it is only a minor sprain.

One good thing I noticed from the box scores was that Rudy Fernandez scored 16 points on his first NBA game. Maybe the fates are not stacked against the Trailblazers after all. Next to Phoenix Suns, I am rooting for the Trailblazers.

Meanwhile, the top picked in this year's draft, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls opened up his NBA career with a win. That also means rookie coach Vinny Del Negro debuted with a win on his NBA coaching career.

I can't wait to see my Steve Nash and my Phoenix Suns play.


Finally, I was able to watch the 2008 World Series between the Tampa Bay rays and the Philadelphia Phillies. Although the Red Sox and the Yanks are out of it all, I still was interested because I love sports.

When I turned to espn channel, the Philies who is playing at their homefield , Citizens Bank Park in Philadelpia was ahead 4-1. But the Rays rallied at the start of the 7th inning.

A controversial save called by the first base umpire allowed the lead off batter of the inning to reach base. And the Rays was able to score 2 runs to come threateningly close 4 -3.

In the 8th inning, BJ Upton singlehandedly tied the score. He hit an in field single, stole 2nd base and reach home on an error by Ruiz.

In the bottom of the eight, Werth had a single then stole 2nd base. But he was picked off by Catcher Navarro as he was not able to get back to the 2nd base. That booboo killed the chance of moving ahead.

In the bottom of the 9th, it was Navarro's turn to unravel. His error allowed Bruntlett to reach third base and Carlos Ruiz had the RBI to push the Philies to a 5 -4 win and a 2 -1 world series lead.

Games 4 & 5 will also be played in Philadelphia.


Sports and Sunglasses to me

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One of the cool things I find in baseball is to see outfielders in sunglasses chasing flyballs in the field. Aside from preventing them get distracted by the Sun or bright lights, I feel that sunglasses add to their psyche or mojo.

And I bet the sunglasses they wear during games are not the ordinary type I see around. Perhaps these baseball teams has departments solely responsible in getting the best sunglasses and sports stuff for the players.

As for me, wearing one is a lifelong frustration. The same can be said to the sports I am able to play. You see, I am nearsighted and has worn eyeglasses since my senior year in high school. That has prevented me from engaging with most sports especially those that has lots of contacts.

One thing that works for me in this respect, is I get to save money from shopping for sports stuffs like apparel and equipment etc...

If ever I get rich, I would have my eyes undergo LASIK surgery. That way, I get to wear sunglasses and go through the hassles and joy of selecting the best one for me!

Imagine playing your favorite sports in full battle gear? That would definitely give me more confidence which can improve my performance.


Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer end 2008 as No. 1 & 2

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Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will end 2008 as No. 1 and No. 2 in the Tennis world rankings respectively after both lose their semifinal matches at the Madrid Masters.

The lost of Federer to Andy Murray has secured the No. 1 ranking for Rafael Nadal. Nadal makes history as the first Spanish tennis player to end the year as No. 1.

Andy Murray, meanwhile avenged his US Open final defeat at the hands of Federer to advance tin the finals of the Madrid Masters against Gilles Simon who beat Nadal. The two prevented another title match between the top two tennis players in the world today.

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer has already met four times in a final this year. None more memorable than Nadal's epic win at the Wimbledon final.


The Boston Red Sox never fails to amaze me. In game 5 of the American League Championship Series, I have given them up for dead but they came back to extend the series against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They then keep their hopes alive in the 2008 MLB Playoffs and the chance to repeat as World Series champs.

Today (Manila time) is Game 5 of the American League Championship Series of Major League Baseball (MLB) between the defending world series champs Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The Devil Rays are up in the series 3-1.

Pitching for the Red Sox is Daizuke Matsuzaka or Dice K which I came to know when I was in Japan last year. He was bought from his Japanese Team in the 50 million US$ range and became instrumental for the Sox winning the World Series last year.

Since I have work, I can only check the progress of the game via the internet from time to time. I think it was about 10 am when I first browsed in ESPN. I was dismayed to see the Devil Rays leading 5 - 0. I felt it was a lost cause for the Red Sox.

When lunch break came, I checked back in ESPN expecting a congratulatory article for the Devil Rays for reaching the World Series. Initially, I can't believe when I first read it. But the Red Sox came back and won 8-7 to extend the series. All I can say was "wow".

Then, I remembered, they came back from 3-0 down against the NY Yankees - a feat that until then was impossible to achieve. Well, coming back from 3-1 may proved to be only difficult for them.


Major League Baseball Playoffs 2008

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Baseball is really not that popular in the Philippines but I follow it from time to time nonetheless. Especially that October is the month for Major League Baseball Playoffs.

The Philadelphia Phillies just won over the LA Dodgers to win the National League pennant. They won the NLCS 4 -1.

They now await the winner of the ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay.


Busby SEO Test

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Best of luck to Rex's entry to the Busby SEO Test Challenge and his quest for SEO knowledge.

This SEO challenge is spearheaded by Busby Web Solutions. The goal of the challenge is to find out who can optimized a webpage with the key phrase " Busby SEO Test ". Google will determine the top 5 at the end of the contest in January 2009. Grand prize is at 5000 US $.

The Busby Search Engine Optimization World Cup is on its second running. And by now, all the SEO experts or practitioners have created their own optimized pages.

I know it will be very difficult for Rex's entry to rank at all. I hope he achieves his desired minimum ranking.


Retirement in Sports

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Retirement or walking away from the Sport that you love and made you great is really the hardest thing to do for athletes who are caught by mother time.

Only a few athletes have walked away from their sports while they are on top.

Brett Favre came out of retirement only a year after that emotional farewell. This resulted in some intrigue in Green Bay. Lance Armstrong will be riding his bike again supposedly for the purpose of promoting cancer awareness. Evander Holyfield is reported to fight again versus a seven - footer.

Of the athletes in my generation, I can only think of Pete Sampras - retiring in top form. He called it quits after winning the US Open, his 14th career singles grandslam title at the expense of my favorite, Andre Agassi.

As I have read from my favorite sports writer, Bill Simmons, Elgin Baylor is another example of retiring when it is already time.

I hope that all sports personalities, specially the superstars have the wisdom to know the difference between walking away or grinding through and the humility to accept that they can not beat mother time


PBA opens 34th Season, Talk N Text escapes Coca Cola

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The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), Asia's first pay-for-play basketball league ushered its 34th season at the Araneta Coliseum with a new broadcasting partner CS9.

Talk N Text opened up the KFC Philippine Cup what used to be called All Filipino Conference with an escape win over Coca Cola 98 -97.

Pokwang (muse of Coca Cola) stole the thunder of the traditional parade of teams and muses with her comedic entrance and highlighted by the crown in her head during the opening ceremonies. Makisig Morales meanwhile had a little booboo in introducing Joaqui Trillo, this years's PBA Chairman. Chairman Trillo officially opened the games.

In the opening game, Talk N Text survived a Coca Cola comeback 98 - 97 for a good start at the KFC Philippine Cup. The Tropang Texter lead most of the game reaching 18 at one juncture before Coca Cola unleashed a furious rally.

Ronjay Buenafe tied the game with a trey time down to 1:20 left. 92 - 92. Cardona answered back with a twinner before Buenafe converted on another trey to help Coca Cola take the lead 95 - 94.

Big man Yancy de Ocampo nailed his own trey as the bottlers regained the lead 97 - 95 with only 35 seconds left in the game.

Cabagnot then sank two free throws to tie the game for the last time with still 32.2 seconds.

In a bizaare turn of events, Coca Cola was able to get back the possession in the next play. Asi Taulava recovered the ball from a loose ball scramble and called a time out.

Unfortunately, they don't have a full time out left - only a 30 second one. As the rules would have it, a time out called on the court of the opposing team is considered a full time -out. Thus, Coca Cola were given a technical foul.

Jimmy Alapag converted the free throw that proved to be the winning point. Coca cola failed to make a basket in the final possession and Taulava's put back was nullified because time already expired.

What a way to start the season