Hardball convinced me to create a Facebook account

Posted by doms | Monday, February 23, 2009 | | 1 comments »

hardball convinced me to have facebook
My favorite local sports show, HARDBALL, proved to be the last straw that compelled me to open a Facebook account.

I really welcome as great sports news that sports talk show being hosted by wacky trio of Bill Velasco, Jinno Rufino and Boyet Sison is finally seen on free local TV via Studio 23 from Mondays thru Thursdays. I used to catch them only at my gf's house as it was previously and solely aired at ANC Channel every 10:30 pm on weekdays.

Having seen that they interact with sports fan through their facebook account, I decided to finally create my own Facebook account. Hoping someday my sports ideas would one day see the light of broadcast TV.

Guest what? My message on Hardball's facebook wall was read on Friday's episode February 27, 2008.

My primary photo looks dark on TV though. :)

More power to Hardball!!!! :)


Rafael Nadal is already the number 1 player in the world. He once again showed that to Federer and the whole tennis world.

The ever improving Nadal defeated Roger Federer in another epic five set final to capture his first ever Australian Open singles title and thwarting Federer's attempt to equal Pete Sampras's grand slam record.

From claycourts to grass and now, even in hardcourts, Nadal continued to lord over Federer.

And this one really, really hurts for Federer and his fans including me. Nadal has so vastly improved in all surfaces that perhaps it is eating away Federer inside.

Federer cried during the awarding ceremonies. I can't tell if its the pain of loss or being overwhelmed by the fans appreciation. I guess it was the former. While watching, I silently wish the crowd would just stop applauding in respect of Federer.

When you have soared so high, the paid of downfall would be so much painful, as in the case of Federer. After years of dominance, he now suffers what his opponents felt when he made that amazing run of grand slam crowns.

The bottomline I think is that, Nadal improved while Roger remained the same. Perhaps, its now the best time for Federer to analyze what made Nadal this dominating. A full time coach for example.

All is not lost however. Sorry, I am just a die hard Federer fan. He should win the French Open against Nadal. That will be the only redemption I can think of for him.

As for Nadal, he is now making his run to the be the greatest of all time for himself. If only, Federer can do something about it.