2009 NBA Playoffs Conference Series

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2009 NBA Playoffs
Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers finished off the Denver Nuggets 119 - 92 in Game 6 of their Western Conference Finals Series and earn a return trip to the NBA Finals.

Meanwhile on the East, the Magic will try to advance to the NBA Finals since the Shaq and Penny days.

The Magic still needs the series 3 - 2 after Lebron James delivered another sublime playoff performance in Game 5 to extend the Cavs season. Finally, King James' men showed up when it matters the most - most notably Boobie Gibson.


French Open 2009
I was switching channels; on CS9, Game 5 of Magic-Cavs and on Studio 23 the French Open 2009 featuring World No.2 Roger Federer in the 2nd round.

The first time I went to Studio 23, the score on the bottom displays Federer won the first set. And they where about to start the second set.

When I came back, it was a set apiece.

On my next return, Federer's opponent was up 4 - 1 in the third set. And I thought oh-oh... Federer is about to lose... again. My theory that I am jinxing Federer grew by the minute. And honestly I have resigned to accept the fact that Federer would lose again.

So, I just decided not to switch channels anymore but I can't helped it. Hehehe!!! To my surprise, when I returned to Studio 23, Federer is now up 6 - 5.

Probably, the comeback of Federer demoralized his opponent and fought not as persistent as before.

In the fourth set, Federer prevailed to moved on to the third round.

French Open 2009 Federer Survive 2nd Round

Roger Federer celebrates victory over Jose Acasuso in Paris.
Photograph: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images


The Orlando Magic takes a commanding 3 - 1 series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers after Lebron James missed the potential game-winning three 116 - 114 in OT of Game 4 in their Eastern Conference Finals series in the 2009 NBA Playoffs.
2009 NBA Playoffs | Magic pulls thru, leads the Cavs 3-1King James sent the game into overtime, hitting two free throws to tie it at 100 apiece.

In overtime, Dwight Howard muscled his way inside for 10 points to lead the way and offset the spectacular James who as usual carried the Cavs including knocking in a wicked fade away three to keep the Cavs in the game.

When Lewis made only one of two free throws, 116 - 114 with 3.2 ticks to go, everyone knew that the Cavs would go to James to win the game just like in Game 2. It was a good thing that the Cavs have no timeout to call to setup a better play. James fired the shot some steps after the halfcourt line and fell short. 

In the first half, King James and the King's men showed up. They even had a run before the first half ended to have a 58 - 50 lead. In the second half, the Magic knocked threes and the played good enough defense. The King's men again failed to support James.

In the end, Lebron and the Cavs facing the tall task of coming back from a 3 - 1 series deficit, last done I believe by my Phoenix Suns against Kobe's Lakers.

It is really plain to see why the best team in the regular season is on the ropes against the Magic. It's the supporting cast to James that is missing especially in the crucial moments of the game.

I was putting off writing another entry about the NBA Playoffs until this game because I thought it would also be 2-2 like in the West. That way I get to write only one post for both conferences' finals series.

Well, the Magic are now closing in in returning to the NBA Finals since 1995. That seems to be apparent if Mo Williams' foray to fortune telling or the James supporting casts' performance do not improve soon.


No Escape this time for Kobe & company at the Denver Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Lakers to even up their Western Conference Championship series 1 - 1 in the on going 2009 NBA Playoffs

I just checked the game on NBA Gamecast, and here is the final score.

2009 NBA Playoffs | Nuggets beat Lakers, West Conference Finals 1-1

I was out of the house early, gone to register in a short course and pay some bills. That is why I did not catch Game 2 of the West Finals between the Nuggets and the Lakers on TV.

Good thing I went to a bank in SM City North Edsa. Because I just learned that the activity area in THE BLOCK is now one of the free wifi locations in the Metro.

After I connected to the free wifi, I went to NBA Gamecast. Chauncey Billups clinch the game at the free throw line.

With the series going to Denver, the Nuggets are riding on a big confidence boost. The series could have been 2 - 0 in their favor now.

For most of the season, the Lakers are favored to take the West again. But Houston perhaps made the Lakers doubt themselves in their conference semifinal series.

If Denver defends their homecourt for games 3 and 4, I think they will be in the finals.


Rashard Lewis knocked the game winning three as the Orlando Magic toughed out a Game 1 upset over highly favored Cleveland Cavaliers 107 - 106 to start the 2009 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals.2009 NBA Playoff Results - Lewis, Magic  Shock Cavs in Game of Eastern Conference Finals

Coming from a great Game 7 win over dethroned champs Celtics, the Magic again displayed mental toughness throughout the second half to defeat Lebron James and the Cavs to steal home court advantage in the series.

Coach Stan Van Gundy's gameplan worked as they allowed Lebron James to work hard for the bulk of the Cavs offense and limiting James' supporting cast to standing and watching most of the game.

James just put the lead back to the Cavs with a three point play that led to Dwight Howards sixth and last foul. But Rashard Lewis knocked in the game winning three. In the Cavs final play, James passed to a teammate who failed to connect from the outside. A jump ball resulted in the battle for the loose ball with just a second left in the game between Hedo Turkoglu and Lebron James. James tapped the ball to Williams who failed to connect from the top of the key.

The Cavs are coming from a long lay-off after breezing through the first two rounds sweeping the Pistons and the Hawks in double digit wins. In their first taste of competitive playoff atmosphere, James' cast never got going like they used to do in the regular season.

James scored 49 points but it appeared that carrying cavs the entire game took its toll on him somehow. He missed 3 free throws and had cramps at the end of the game.

The Magic meanwhile had a great team effort in defense and getting great games from Lewis, Howard and Turkoglu plus solid support from Pietrus and Alson.


The Orlando Magic finally put an end to the Boston Celtics' bid for a second consecutive championship, dethroning the champs with a convincing 101 - 82 Game 7 win right at the Celtics storied homecourt.

The win was a sort of statement in itself that the Magic is indeed a contender for the crown as they have shown in the regular season. Now they have the chance to face Lebron James and the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers that many have picked to reach the NBA Finals.
2009 NBA Playoff Results

This time the homecourt advantage and the game 7 pedigree of the Celtics was not enough to stage a comeback hold off the young and hungry Magic team.

Rajon Rondo just beat the third quarter buzzer to pull the Celtics within five points of the Magic, 61 - 65. But the Magic scored 8 straight points at the start of the fourth to widen the gap.

All seemed is not yet lost when Dwight Howard picked up his fifth personal foul, forcing Van Gundy to sitt him on the bench. When Ray Allen knocked off a trey to cut the lead the Magic's lead to 12, I thought the comeback is again on.

But the threat was quickly fanned out by Hedo Turkoglu 3 and I could not watch anymore.

I was so accustomed with the Celtics coming big down the stretch especially in their homecourt. Perhaps I read too much off Bill Simmon's column. I actually waited for that magic feeling that something special is about to happen for the Celtics.

There wass magic alright but not from the champs. Rather, it comes from the guys from Orlando. They have learned they lesson well. This time they were ready for the champs. Ooops... the Celtics are now just former champs.


Glen "Big Baby" Davis nailed a jumper at the buzzer to lift the Bostic Celtics to a 95 - 94 win over the Orlando Magic to even their 2nd round Eastern Conference Semifinal Series, 2 all, in the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

Down by one with only 11.3 seconds left, the defending champs were facing a dark prospect of going down 1 - 3 in the series. The Magic were able to clamped down on Allen and was successful in forcing the ball out of Pierce's hands but they failed to cover Davis making the game-winning jumper as time expired, stunning all the Magic fans at their homecourt.

Finally, I was able to catch an exciting game on these NBA Playoffs live and not just from highlight reels.

I honestly thought that the Celtics would lose when Pierce passed the ball. Instead, I was surprised in a good way to see Davis pull through and the men in green still prevailing in the game.

Later in an interview, Davies credited the extra effort he made in shooting practice and believing in himself making it as the key to that shot.

The champs will definitely have momentum on their side going to Game 5 in Boston.

2009 NBA Playoff Results


Manny Pacquiao KOs Hatton in Round 2

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Manny Pacquiao KOs Ricky Hatton in Round 2

Photo from Telegraph.co.uk

This is an obligatory Pacman post. It's way late but as a Filipino, I still want to savor the moment.

I'm relishing the thought that Manny Pacquiao silenced the throngs of Hatton fans that watched the Battle of East vs West in Las Vegas. Same with proving wrong the loud-mouth Floyd Mayweather Sr.

In prefight interviews, I believe Hatton basically claimed that he will shock the world by beating Pacquiao. True, we were shocked. Unfortunately, it was Hatton who was down in the canvass in just two rounds.

Prior to the fight, almost all of boxing predicted that Hatton will be a tougher foe than the Golden Boy considering he is undeafeted in the 140 lbs division. Come to think of it, an aging De la Hoya was able to last for 6 rounds with the Pacman.

Manny, you know, there is another loudmouth named Floyd Mayweather Jr. out there. Of course, you know what to do...


It's a long weekend here in the Philippines and the whole country is eager in anticipation for the fight of the year - Pacquiao vs Hatton - where the Junior Welterweight 140 lb championship and the right to be called pound-for-pound champion is at stake.

Pacquiao vs Hatton

Image taken from espn.com

Fans are all excited because the reputation of these two pugilists promises to be an action-packed bout from the opening bell and that it will end with a knockout. I sure hope when that happens, I will see the familiar scene of Pacquiao kneeling in a corner thanking God for another spectacular win.

Just like his surname, Pacquiao has the collective "wholesale" backing of all Filipinos. One of the few times our nation has shown unity. Venues showing the fight in pay-per-view are making a killing in ticket sales like mall cinemas and restaurants. Those who can not afford to pay can still get lucky and catch the fight live if their local leaders set up  free viewing in city gyms. For the rest, they would rely at the advertisement-thick coverage of free local TV stations.

Just like his last fight, I hope my friend in the US will again mirror the Pacquiao - Hatton fight via webcam in Yahoo Messenger. Hehehe!!!

Boxing experts and analysts pick Pacquiao to come out on top slightly ahead of Hatton. Whatever the case, I feel proud that Manny is drawing consideration as the greatest Asian boxer because of his success in winning championships in differenet weight classes. A win will surely put an exclamation point to that argument.

Moreover, the winner of the bout is virtually assured of an equally lucrative bout against recently unretired Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

My bet, Pacquiao over Hatton in 8 rounds.