Warming Up to Novak Djokovic

Posted by doms | Sunday, June 26, 2011 | , ,

I feel like I'm warming up to Novak Djokovic.

In part because my favorite Roger Federer stopped - The Streak - at the 2011 French Open Semis. More so because of remembering some things I saw watching him play and a an old video of him I saw recently.

Now, I'm remembering that Djokovic applauds great shots of his opponents during games, apologizes for points won on luck and lastly, because of this video.

Granted that videos like this may only be for publicity or promotional purposes, Djokovic vibrates a genuine feeling of being loose, enjoying the moment and having fun.

Ate Gigie, would sure enjoy Novak's I Will Survive video. *wink*wink*

Unlike, Federer's very demure turn. In fact, I even liked Rafael Nadal's turn more. [BTW, Ana Ivanovic is hot in here.]

Hat tip to Ms.JessicaZafra.


Apologies for not being able to blog about the 2011 French Open Tennis Championhsips. It coincided with an important family affair.

Congrats, Rafa!